Felipe Matioli


About Felipe: I was born in Brazil, when I was 14 I moved to South Africa and spent almost 2 years there learning English. After that, I moved to Kenya, and lived there until 2006 when I moved to Michigan to attend Hope College. Today I am married to a lovely Brazilian lady and we have a little guy (Theo) who is one and a half. 

How you started at CrossFit Torrent and what made you transition into coaching: I found CrossFit about 3 years ago while pursuing an alternative to going to a gym to do the regular bicep, tricep and chest workout. CrossFit has changed my entire view on working out, not only do I push myself harder than I would at a gym but I’ve also learned how to do the movements well. I have wanted to coach for a while, but I thought it would be valuable to first gain some good experience doing CrossFit, so I am very excited for the opportunity to start coaching here at CrossFit Torrent. I am really looking forward to learning from this great team of coaches.

My advice for people thinking about starting CrossFit…

The beautiful thing about CrossFit is that often people come looking for a solution for being overweight, or maybe wanting to get fitter and what they find is much more than that. They find an amazing community of people who will push you and encourage you to be a better version of yourself every day. It’s worth trying, you should too!

Favorite WOD:  Cindy - I like the simplicity and the ability to do it anywhere.

Favorite Movement: Muscle-ups

Go-to Healthy snack: LÄRABAR & RX Bars

Cheat day favorite: Brazilian style pizza and cheesecake.

If I am not at CFT you can find me: At work or hanging out with my family.

7 Fun Facts about Felipe

  1. I have been bitten by a penguin. 

  2. I have lived in 5 different countries, 4 continents.

  3. I speak 3 languages.

  4. I love mornings, I often wake up singing (my wife loves it! haha).

  5. I am a big fan of Musicals.

  6. I love to travel. That’s not enough! I will go anywhere, and want to go everywhere in the world; culture, people and food fascinate me. 

  7. I cannot stand sitting at home, I will find anything to do that will get me out of the house.

Coaching Credentials

  • CF-L1


  • Crossfit Torrent

Athletic Background

  • Soccer

  • Volleyball

  • Racketball