CrossFit Membership

Police, Fire, Active Duty Military, Full-time Students, and Married Couples unlimited membership
Pre-pay 12 months get a 15% discount
-Any membership paid is non-refundable.
-All memberships require a 3 month commitment.

*Hours, memberships and prices subject to change

Personal Training Packages Available!

Personal training sessions can be scheduled at times that work for the individual. Pricing depends on the trainer selected and needs of the client. Athletes can sign up for private sessions exclusively or participate in a combination of group classes and private sessions.

Group Class Preparation

This is tailored to members who would like to prepare for regular CrossFit classes. This may include individuals who are rehabbing an injury or have been sedentary for a long period.

3 Sessions Per Week


  • Assessment

  • Goal setting

  • Session WOD

  • Basic movement instruction

  • Evaluation of progress

Skill Development

This is tailored for those who have been CrossFitting for some time and would like to develop specific skills. This can be done in a small group or individual setting.

Per Session


  • Assessment of skill

  • Progression(s) for skill

  • Evaluation of progress


This package is for members who prefer a one on one environment and/or additional accountability.

3-5 Sessions Per Week


  • Assessment

  • Goal Setting

  • Session WOD

  • Evaluation of Progress