Mo Matioli

Transformation Coach

About Mo: 

I am from Brazil and grew up in New Jersey and Florida. I went back to Brazil after graduating high school and studied abroad. After studying in Brazil, I got married and moved to Michigan. I really enjoy being outside and wish our Michigan summers lasted much much longer! I started CrossFit in 2016 and then moved to Michigan after getting married. I love different cultures and out of that love I pursued teaching ESL. 

How you started at CrossFit Torrent and become part of the team?:  

My husband and I had just moved back to Kalamazoo. We were looking for a box and Torrent was very close to our house. We had high expectations of what we wanted in a CrossFit gym and Torrent went beyond what we were looking for and we joined!

There was a need in the team and I thought it would be great to work in a place that I already love being at and to encourage others in their fitness journey.